Dear Senator McCain


Dear Senator,

It is certainly within your rights to say that Hillary Clinton should shut up like you did after losing a presidential election. We must say, you handled your setback with grace, and you have gone on to distinguish yourself at times in a Congress full of batshit-crazy Republicans pretending there is now a real president in the White House. We especially appreciated your stand against various GOP attempts to ram through a dismal health care package to the Oval Office, where Trump would have definitely signed it despite having no idea what it said or what it meant. After all, who knew health care could be so complicated?

And Senator McCain, we have great personal sympathy for your recent health scare and wish you all the best against a deadly adversary: cancer. You’re facing it with the same courage you demonstrated during your captivity as a POW all those years ago. Unlike so many of your peers, Senator, you’re a genuine American hero with a status that rises above partisan politics. A grateful nation thanks you for your many decades of service.

Having said that, Senator, with all due respect, please shut up yourself. There are zero parallels between you and the current situation–ZERO–other than the fact that you both lost. Allow us to explain.

  1. Secretary Clinton did not nominate a deeply unqualified wingnut for vice-president who ran afoul of the campaign, scared numerous voters away, and accelerated a starkly polarizing political climate that resulted in the unmitigated toxic garbage fire now in the White House. You did.
  2. Secretary Clinton did not lose to an elegant, brilliant, highly-educated statesman who grew impressively in office. You did.
  3. Secretary Clinton did not lose the popular vote. You did.
  4. You did not experience an aftermath where the very legality of your loss was questioned. Secretary Clinton did.
  5. You did not have to sit back and watch the victor mount an assault on decency, competency and the foundations of American Democracy. Secretary Clinton did.

So, Senator, please get back to the matters that so desperately require your attention and stop complaining about Secretary Clinton. She has joined millions of other people who are profoundly disturbed by what they see. Her persistence in discussing the election reminds us all of the travesty that occurred, the one you helped deliver. You should admit your mistake and join us over here once and for all – for this moment is a genuine crisis, something else that rises above partisan politics.



6 thoughts on “Dear Senator McCain

  1. Did you actually read the Esquire article? It is a LONG article that pretty much covered his entire life and he was asked to comment on a wide variety of topics. The Clinton topic was ONE paragraph. At no time did he ask, or tell, her to to shut up. It was self-referential mea culpa with an allusion to Clinton’s memoir.

    #6 You went scorched-earth, bitch-mode against all the men who claimed to have been involved with your philandering wife. Oh wait, that wasn’t you.
    #7 Harvey Weinstein. . . oh, forget it.


  2. So, John McCain deserves a “please shut up yourself” for a one-time reference in a magazine article that was just a small part of the overall article? But, absolute silence for your own great California Representative Nancy Pelosi for calling Rep. John Conyers an “icon in our own country” on national television? Yes, I get the reason for the “moat” around CA politics.

    Plenty of idiots, morons, and dirt over the full range of the political spectrum deserving a “shut the duck up.” No comments on Hilary’s casting of blame in her book? Silly me, we know that will NEVER happen on this blog. Donna Brazile? Surprised there hasn’t been an “et tu Brute” entry regarding her book. A WHOLE BOOK casting blame on Hilary and her minions, not an interpreted extract from a paragraph.

    Just for fun I thought of providing the link to You Tube’s “Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken” but I thought that might violate your terms of use agreement.


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