Donald Trump is…


*Donald Trump is a racist demagogue; a self-proclaimed sexual assailant; a blustering fool; a megalomaniacal narcissistic sociopath who doesn’t read; an alleged thief; an unrepentant shamer of the disabled and POWs; a petulant child with no social graces and no moral compass; a total nutjob; a whirlwind of chaos; a Twitter train wreck; a real estate huckster; a strange cat; a schoolyard bully wearing a cardboard crown and a t-shirt that doesn’t cover his stomach; a massive fucking joke; an incompetent CEO prone to bankruptcy; a pompous ass; a fraudulent deadbeat; an obese golfer; an enemy of Gold Star families; a demented instigator; a suspected Russian operative; a madman; an endless parade of bad hair days; a shifty bastard; an awkward, despicable simpleton; a pathological liar; a friend of Sarah Palin’s; a dim bulb; an international embarrassment; an infantile doofus; a blatantly transparent clod; a shrieking howler monkey hurling feces; a heartless rube; a carnival barker; a cesspool denizen; an arrogant, incurious meathead; a dumb crook; a stupendous moron; a propaganda machine; a television addict; an ignorant thug born with a silver spoon; an unstable pig; an alleged aficionado of urine; a larcenous operator of a “university;” a would-be dictator; an angry manchild; a reckless psychopath; a platitude-spouting con man; the diplomatic equivalent of a gorilla; a feckless draft dodger; an out-of-control dotard; a whining Baby Huey; a short fingered vulgarian; a bad impression of Alec Baldwin; an unfit pinhead; a Cheeto clown; an NRA stooge; an international laughingstock; a monosyllabic troglodyte; an enemy of Democracy; an idiotic conspiracy theorist; radioactive sewage; a divisive crackpot; a delusional stumblebum; a dour weasel; a friendless asshole; an unlikable insect; a little shit; an adulterer; sick and pathetic; a lazy mucker; a canary in the coal mine of America; an unsophisticated monster; a corrupt hellhound; a serial defendant; a humorless cretin; a miserable charlatan; a shill for bad steaks and wines; a one-act play; mentally ill; a harbinger of doom; a symptom of a fatal disease; a bumbling authoritarian; a total buffoon; a profoundly unstable creator of alternative reality; an abhorrent threat to our society; an unapologetic Islamophobe; a pouting beast; bonkers.

Donald Trump is the American president.

* All taken from descriptions on the internet


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